The ladies had their Monthly Medal on the 1st March in beautiful weather.  A few ended up with some good scores including Liz Lewis who won the day with a 68 Nett plus winning the putting prize with 29 Putts.  Di Garth was runner up with a 72 Nett.  Well done ladies.

Broadford invited us to play at their course on the 8th March.  It was most enjoyable day, finished off with a lovely lunch and cakes. 

The 1st round of “Choose your own partner” playing Stableford was won by Carole Howlett and Aileen Dundon on 15th March.  The 2nd round was on the following week – where Janine Lunny and Liz Lewis won.

Leanne Bland, Leanne Shingles and Liz Lewis played at the new Eastern course at Yering for their Bowl.  It was a memorable day with rain, sunshine, heat and lots of midges.  The biting midges attacked most ladies who attended - so the day will be remembered for the midge bites rather than the lovely new course or the golf.

Janine Lunny, Jenny McKeon and Liz Lewis represented WGC at Kilmore for their Bowl on the 23rd March.  Kilmore won their own Bowl with an excellent score.

On the 29th March we formed teams playing with a pink ball.  The winning team was Jenny, Beatrice, Robyn and Pat.  Beatrice won the individual Stableford game with 38 points from Carole Howlett who had 35 points.

Our April Monthly Medal has come around very quickly.  The course was in good condition after some rain but nothing stopped Beatrice from having a great day.  She didnt do anything wrong with an excellent score of 68 Nett and she also won the putting prize with 29 putts.  Liz Lewis was second with 74 Nett.  Well done ladies – it is great having a good score all round and still have run on the fairways during April.

WGC received approximately 55 mls of rain on Sunday night 9th April which has changed the course from a summer one to an autumnal one. On Wednesday 12th April we played Stableford in perfect conditions which helped Liz Lewis to win the day having 37 points.  Our new member Pat Mulholland was runner-up on a tie break from Beatrice – both  having 29 points.  Maureen Wheeler had a great shot on the 8th - winning NTP.

We would all like to wish Kerrie Redman all the best in happiness for her wedding and for her future.

Sunshine Golf Club are having their bowl on 28th April, Janine Lunny, Wendy Boardman and Robyn Quinn are representing WGC.

Invitations have been sent out for our Bowl on Friday 19th May.  We are hoping to have a good attendance with teams from other Clubs.

        1. Liz Lewis                                      2. Beatrice Castle