October is the most important period of golfing at Whittlesea Golf Club as we have the Club Championships which run for a 3 week period or 54 holes.  Due to the low number of ladies this year we only had one section/grade.

We would like to thank Brad, Dale and Andrew for all their long hours and hard work in getting the course in good condition.  During October we had a mixture of warm dry days and now at long last some good rainfall.  Brad has tried hard to oncome all the diseased greens from last year.  The greens have improved enormously since they were cored and the fairways have a good coverage of grass.  With the recent good rain the greens and fairways will improve further.

The 1st week of the Championships was held on the 3rd October which was also the October Monthly Medal.  Liz Lewis played well and won the day with 70 Nett (95 Gross) and Janine Lunney was runner up with 73 Nett (93 Gross).

The 2nd Round of the Championship was held on the 10th October where Liz Lewis managed to have

another good round with 74 Nett (98 Gross) and Wendy Boardman came second with 75 Nett (95 Gross)

The 3rd and last week of the Championship was held on 17th October where we had very heavy rain overnight and in the morning until 8am.  The wet conditions suited Wendy Boardman who won with 73 Nett (93 Gross) Jeanette O'Day was runner-up with 75 Nett   (105 Gross)

The final results for the 2018 Ladies Championships are as follows:-

The Club Champion                          Leanne Bland            272 Gross

Runner-up                                         Wendy Boardman      286 Gross

3rd                                                      Liz Lewis                   297 Gross       

4th                                                      Janine Lunney           299 Gross

The Nett winner                               Liz Lewis                   222 Nett

Runner-up                                         Wendy Boardman      226 Nett


Putting Champion                             Leanne Bland             98 Putts

Runner-up                                         Liz Lewis                   99  Putts

The Medal of Medalist was played in hot conditions on the 21st November.  Janine Lunny won with 79 Nett in good conditions.