MEN’S MAJOR EVENTS 2016 - 2017


A.     STROKE EVENTS (listed per category as they progress through the year)


  1.       HUMEVALE SHIELD – 36 Holes Nett (Stroke)

Sunday 17th  &  24th July, 2016

  2.       CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP- Graded Gross & Nett

(72 hole A Grade, 54 Hole B &C Grade& Junior)

A Grade –Sat 8th, Sun 9th, Sat15th & 22nd October, 2016

         B & C Grades &Juniors –Sat 8th, 15th & 22nd Oct, 2016

  3.       STAR MEDAL

Play-off  Sat 12th Nov 2016 (all monthly medal winners)

  4.       SUMMER CUP – 36 Holes Nett (Stroke)

Saturday 4th & 11th February, 2017

  5.       WINTER CUP – 36 Holes Nett (Stroke)

Saturday 17th & 24th June, 2017



  1.       CHRIS BALFOUR WINTER SHIELD – 36 Holes Nett

Wednesdays  6th & 13th July, 2016

  2.       HANK YOUNG Aggregate Stableford – 36 Holes

Wednesdays 27 July & 10th August 2016

  3.       METEOR MEDAL

Play-off Wed 14th June 2017(all Mid Week medal winners)



  a.       MIXED (36 Hole Gross & Nett)

Sunday 11 & 18th September 2016

  b.      OPEN GENDER (27 Hole Gross & Nett)

Sunday 19th February 2017



Sat 9th July -:Sat 20 Aug 2016

  b.      PAIRS MATCHPLAY (4B)

Sat 18th Feb. – Sat 25th March 2017


   OPEN TOURNAMENT (3 day 18 Hole events)

Ladies  Open Team Event           Friday 11 November

Men’s  Open Tournament            Saturday 12 November

Mixed Pinehurst Team                 Sunday 13 Nov 2016

  Stroke Play and Match Play events including Summer Cup, Winter Cup, Club Championship, Humevale Shield, Singles & Pairs Match-Play, and Star and Meteor Medal play-offs (and qualifying Monthly Medals) are all Major Events- see pages 20/21).  Competitors using ride-on motorized golf carts or motorbikes are ineligible to win these events except where a medical certificate applies. On normal competition days all players who register whether it’s a Major Event or not are eligible to win the daily competition awards.


   Restricted to full members and the following rules and regulations apply:

 1.    A member must not be deemed to be in arrears with fees or levies due to the club.

 2.    In all major events  a member must have returned at least four singles entry competition cards at Whittlesea during the three months immediately preceding the championship.

 3.    The following grades will apply:

      A Grade     0 - 12         C Grade        21 - 36

      B Grade     13 - 20

The Grade that a player competes in will be determined by their handicap on the first day of the club championships.  On all other days members shall play off their handicaps of the day.

4.    Club Championship fees will be paid each week as for normal daily competitions but at a higher rate. The championship will be determined over 72 holes for A grade and 54 holes of gross stroke play for Juniors and all other grades.  After 36 holes the leading 6 players in each grade will be seeded to play together and must play in the designated tee times.  In addition there will be a concurrent aggregate nett competition.


   In Match Play events the maximum handicap to be used is 34 and the lowest marker is to play from scratch; this player then applies the difference in strokes between respective handicaps.  Match play events which end up all square shall continue hole by hole until one side wins a hole.  Handicap strokes will apply as if the match commenced a new round.

   All Match Play events must be completed within the time and dates laid down for each round.  No extension of time will be given under any circumstances.  Players are requested to make themselves familiar with the conditions and Rules of Match Play.


   Whittlesea Golf Club fields a Senior and Colts team in Golf Victoria Pennant Competition.  Each club is required to act as the host club when the round is played at the club.  To achieve this, the course will be closed to all.  Members, however, may arrange games at other clubs, in the respective divisions involved in Pennant.

   WGC also fields a Junior (under 18) Handicapped Pennant team in the Golf Victoria event scheduled for Nov-Dec each year.