Congratulations to the following members who have made the top 8 in their respective grades. Please confirm with the Pro Shop of your booking and good luck to all involved!

C Grade
Darren Edwards 26 213
Dieter Reichert 23 203
Gary Ewert 19 198

John Cambell 19 198
Peter Defazio 19 195
George Martin 19 189

B Grade
Phil Conroy 16 186
John Meakins 13 182
Frank Russell 13 179

George Goss 13 179
Joe Tolomeo 16 177
Phil Hassall 12 176

A Grade
Joseph Bland 1 239
Matt Allen 1 238
Colin Henry 2 228 

Club Championship 2016
( the generalized form of these rules can be found in the members handbook page 18 )

Senior & Junior Mens
72 Hole AGrade, 54 Hole B, C  &  Junior    
Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th & Saturday 15th and 22th of October
This event is restricted to full members.  The following rules and regulations apply.
1. A member MUST NOT be deemed to be in arrears with fees or levies due to the club.

2. In all grades members must have returned at least four single entry competition cards during the three months immediately preceding the championship. ( for this year that date is16th July 2016)
The following grades will apply – A Grade 0 -  10
B Grade 11 – 18
C Grade 19 – 36
3. The grade that a player competes in will be determined by their handicap on the first day of the club championships. On all other days members shall play off their handicaps of the day.
4. Club Championship fees will be paid each week as for normal daily competitions. There is no need to register for the Championship; just play the 3or 4 rounds each Saturday. The daily competition fee gives you access to both the Daily Competition and the Championship. If you fail to compete in one of the 3 or 4 rounds you no longer qualify for the championship.

5. In the final round the leading 6 players in each grade will be seeded to play together and must play at the designated tee times. Tee times for seeded players on Saturday 22nd will commence at 11.29am for the “C” Grade group, and proceed through to”A” Grade. 

6. Trophies will be awarded to the Club and Junior Champion, plus gross winner in each grade. In addition there will be a concurrent Graded Nett competition. 

7. Members requiring a ride-on motorized buggy are reminded that they must submit a request to the committee for this concession. This request must be supported by a statement from a medical practitioner. 

8. In gross events where a tie occurs, a play-off over four holes; the 1st, 16th, 17th and 18th in that order, will be used. If there is still a tie there will be a “sudden death” play-off over the same four holes. Where a tie occurs in net events the standard count back system shall apply.

                                                                                                                                               Captain & Match Committee

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