August-September 2017 Syllabus
Note: Weekend events are Open Gender
20/08/17 Sunday Stroke(W)
21/08/17 Match Play, Whittlesea Host 9.00 am and 9.35 am Hit Off
23/08/17 Wednesday Stableford(R)
23/08/17 Wednesday Bonus Par(W
26/08/17 Saturday Stableford(B) (Supported by Norm Caulfield)
27/08/17 Sunday Stroke(B) Monthly Medal (Sept) (Supported by "The Cobbs")
28-30/08/17 Course Closed for Greens Renovations
02/09/17 Stableford(W) 2B Family/F&S, M&S, GF&S. Trophy Pairs (Supported by Phil Hassall)
03/09/17 Sunday(W) 2B
06/09/17 Wednesday Stroke-Medal (R) (Supported by Diane Hutchins)
06/09/17 Wednesday Stroke
Mid Week Medal(B)
(Supported by William Loughlin)
09/09/17 Saturday Stableford(W) 50 & Over Day (Supported by Charlie Coleman)
10/09/17 Sunday Stableford(W), Mixed Foursomes Stroke (Supported by Jeff & Jenny McKeon)
13/09/17 Wednesday Stableford (R) Skins Day - 3 Club Event.
13/09/17 Wednesday Stableford (W) Hank Young Trophy 36 holes aggregate 1st Rnd.
16/09/17 Saturday Par(W)(Supported by Kevin Shackleton)
17/09/17 Sunday Stableford(W), Mixed Foursomes (Stroke) (Supported by Jeff & Jenny McKeon)