Your Ball is in Ground Under Repair (GUR)- with particular reference to the 10th fairway

The following information is provided as advice to members due to the significant parts of the course still labelled GUR. It applies to all GUR  but makes particular reference to the areas skirting each side of the 10th fairway and to a drop zone which is not provided for many GUR areas.

The first 50+ metres of disturbed ground in front of the tee plus the works to the left and right side of the 10th fairway is Ground Under Repair and Rule 25-1 applies. In addition however due to the size of the GUR a drop Zone has been provided, which allows  a player the option, without penalty of dropping the ball in the drop zone and playing their next shot from that position.


  1. when you find your ball in the GUR you have the following options.
  • Play the ball as it lies.
  • Find the nearest point of relief  and drop within 1 club length. (24-2b)
  • Play from the drop zone.

As long as you work within the rules of golf you have discretion as to which decision is best for you usually depending on where the ball lies and whether your action is the most likely to work for you when you play the next shot.

If you want to take relief from the GUR and the nearest point of relief is the path then the rules allow you to take further relief from the path. However it is unlikely that this will be a good option in most cases on the 10th as relief from the path may place the ball in long grass and trees on the right side of the fairway. Thus the better option is the Drop Zone.

It is up to your discretion whether you enter wet dangerous or loose GUR to collect your ball; as long as you know it’s in there. This is similar to your decision when a ball is in a water hazard.

      2.  if the ball is lost in the GUR, and you are certain it is there, then  Rule25-1 (c) applies.

Thus you may use the spot where the ball crossed the GUR and take relief as described in 25-1 (b).  Even though this may be near the tee you cannot tee up.  If you do go back and tee up you are putting a new ball into play and will be playing your 3rd stroke. (penalty of distance and one shot.)  Usually your better option may be to play your second shot from the drop zone.